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It is the aim of Beaconhouse to provide well-stocked libraries and book corners in all pre- schools. The schools have a wide range of excellent books for the children to read and borrow.

Computer Facilities

Child-size computer labs are provided at pre-schools for all the young learners to explore information technology. Children are able to print and record their individual work after each lesson.

Swimming Pool

At some of pre-school branches there are swimming pools and facilities to introduce children to the joy and benefits of learning to swim and further complements the existing physical development programmes.

Music Room

There are a variety of percussion instruments that children can explore progressively under the guidance of the professional music teachers.

Gymnastic Room

This room is specially furnished with appropriate cushioned floor mats and supporting materials for the physical development of young children.

Outdoor Learning Corner

  • Sand Pit Area
  • Water Play Area
  • Gardening Area
These learning areas with planned activities provide the opportunity for fun exploration and creative learning.

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