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Extracurricular Activities

Good education must encompass more than the standard academic subjects. The Beaconhouse Pre-schools provide a range of co-curricular activities appropriate to the ages of the students.

Art and Crafts

The art and craft programme offers opportunities to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, develops the understanding of colours, forms, texture and pattern, and their ability to use materials and processes to communicate ideas and feelings.


The first aim of music lessons at BSS is to foster an appreciation of music among students. Music is a part of Malaysia’s rich culture and tradition, and all children deserve access to the joy and enrichment which music can bring. Music helps to develop a child’s listening skills and understanding of rhythm, sequence, phrase and pitch. In the Early Years music and movement curriculum, children are also given the opportunity to enjoy and play various percussion instruments.

Physical Education and Games

Beaconhouse pre-school places great importance on physical fitness in the curriculum, and of course it is now universally accepted as being an integral part of an all-round education. BSS provides various weekly structured outdoor games including water and sand play, and also a gymnastic physical development programme.

Computer Classes

Beaconhouse pre-school also provides an opportunity for the children to develop their IT skills at an early age.

A comprehensive curriculum encourages children to explore desktop publishing, databases, graphics and word processing and the multi media.

Speech and Drama

This programme develops confidence, self esteem and verbal skills through developmental activities. To be happy and successful in today’s highly competitive world, a child needs to be confident and articulate. Enthusiastic students who learn to speak out clearly and relate confidently with their peers, develop skills that make the journey through life much easier.

Tae Kwon Do Training Classes

This is an extended physical development programme to improve the mental and physical attributes of the children. This programme enhances confidence, develops discipline, instils good values and exposes children to the arts of self-defense.

Mandarin Reading Classes

Beaconhouse also offers special classes to prepare children for formal schooling in Mandarin medium schools. This is another extended programme to further enhance children’s ability to read and write confidently and independently in Mandarin.

Educational Field Trips

Educational field trips are organised at intervals throughout the year to places of interest and educational value. These places are chosen for their suitability for the age of the children concerned. Apart from the interest they arouse, they are of value in reinforcing work done in school.

School Newsletters

BSS pre-schools produce regular newsletters featuring weekly activity highlights in their respective branches. The main purpose is to keep parents informed of current activities at the respective schools, and at the same time to celebrate the children’s progressive achievements.

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