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The CPEd

1. What is the difference between the CIPSE and the CPEd?
The CIPSE programme was started in 1993; Beaconhouse replaced the CIPSE with the CPEd in 2006.
2. If I have done the CIPSE should I enrol in the CPEd?
No. You don’t need to attend this course as it is at the same level as the CIPSE.

3. Who will pay for my IELTS examination?
You will pay for it and take it through the British Council.

4. What will I have to pay for the course?
110 pounds sterling cash when you submit the last assignment.

5. How long will the bond be for?
3 years.

6. Can I still attend if I am not teaching at present?
No. It is compulsory to be a classroom teacher to enrol in the course. If you are not a teacher and still want to take the course you will have to go back to school and teach one class, in any subject of your choice, for an academic year.
7. What is the worth of 120 credits?
The 120 credits will place you at Certificate level in the Higher Education Scheme of the United Kingdom.

8. Can Urdu and Islamic Studies teachers enrol in this course?
Yes. If they get the required IELTS or TOEFL scores.

9. What is the duration of the course?
Approximately 7 months.

10. Will I get a pay raise after the course?
You will get an additional increment at the time of your annual appraisal.

11. What if my language skills are not very good?
 You will be required to take an IELTS at band 6.0 or a TOEFL at the score of 540.

12. Will I get a promotion after completing the course?
 No, but you will have moved one step further in your professional development.

13. Will there be a written exam at the end of the course?
No. You will be required to write three assignments, one at the end of each module you study.

14. What will be the requirements for assessment?
Written assignments, practical projects and classroom observations.

15. How many assignments will I have to submit during and after the course?
Two assignments during the course and one after the course.

16. Will you offer any diploma course after this?

17. How many times will I be observed during the course?
Three times.

18. What happens if I cannot complete the course due to any unforeseen reasons?
You will have the option of being deferred. This means that you will be given a set time by the college to complete your course at a later date.

19. Will it be conducted over the weekends?
No, on weekdays.

20. Where will I get the books from?
From the regional library. For outstation teachers the complete bibliography will be sent to the relevant school.

21. Where will this course be held?
At the Staff Development Centre (SDC) in your regional office.

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